Bobby Hogsed has always had one philosophy about art, the subject dictates the style and medium used, not the artist. Bobby is an accomplished artist and photographer. His paintings and sculptor have been seen in galleries and museums around the country. For the past five years, he has had a camera in his hands rather than a paintbrush. When Bobby went back to school to achieve a degree in photography, he had one goal in mind. That goal was to blur the line between abstract painting and abstract photography. At age 15 Bobby's got his first gallery representation at the "Uptown Downtown Gallery" in downtown Fort Worth. His portraits are not only of people but animals as well. In the early '90s, Bobby sculpted the bronze trophies for the American Quarter Horse Association. Bobby’s work has been seen in more than 100 galleries across the United States. Bobby started painting portraits at seven years of age and has continued throughout his life.

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