Currently I live in South Eastern Oklahoma. While walking up the street, I noticed one of the dumpsters. It reminded me of a series of Salvador Dali's painting with melting watches. After that epiphany, I will never see things the same again. Whether it be a dumpster, a patio block or a rusted out building, everything has artistic value if you know how to see. I never knew such mundane things that no one pays a moments attention to could produce such amazing abstracts. 

I took a trip to a junkyard where they recycle cars that died a tragic death. I was like a kid in a candy store with my camera shooting for composition and color. At this junk yard they rip the cars apart and crush them into small cubes to be taken to the steel mill down the road to be recycled into something new. This amazing plethora of industrial abstract potential was such an amazing experience. 

I used Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for years until I found another set of programs that I absolutely love. Skylum created two of the most comprehensive and easy to use software programs that I have ever used. I am now using Luminar and Aurora. Both of the programs work seamlessly and really brings my work to life. Normally both of these programs are used to process landscapes but works extremely well on all of my photos. 

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